About Publications Exhibitions and Photo Competitions

Over the years my photographs have been used in many magazines for covers, as well as in articles, corporate calendars, National Park posters, in interior design (notably in the VIP lounge of Burgas and Varna Airports), etc. Here are some of the most interesting publications I had the pleasure to be a part of.

National Geographic


National Geographic Bulgaria

I was featured with several images in the article about the Vitosha Nature Park in the October 2012 issue of NG Bulgaria.

National Geographic Travel.

My photograph from Lake Tevno was used in a short article about European National Parks in National Geographic Travel.


Pirinsko Beer 2013-2014

Nationwide ad campaign for Pirinsko Beer (from Carlsberg Bulgaria) with my images from the Pirin Mountains


Waterfalls of Bulgaria

Travelguide of Bulgarian Waterfalss featuring some of my images of waterfalls and rivers (2013).

National Parks of Bulgaria Calendars

I have been lucky enough to have had my images chosen for calendars of all three National Parks of Bulgaria – Rila (2015), Pirin (2010) and Central Balkan (2012-2013).

Rila National Park Calendar 2015

Several of my photographs were used in the 2015 Rila National Park calendar.

Central Balkan National Park 2012 and 2013 Calendars.

Four photographs (months) of the 2012 calendar and 1 in 2013.

Pirin National Park Calendar 2010

Several of my photographs were used in the 2010 Pirin National Park calendar.

Executive Forests Agency 2013

Several of my photographs were used in the 2013 calendar of the agency

Various Calendars


Colorful Sceneries from Bulgaria 2013-2016

Several years of Calendars with iconic Bulgarian landscapes – lavender and rapeseed fields, spring mountain flowers, seascapes, etc.


Various Calendars 2010-….

A few other calendars with images from Bulgaria


Central Balkan National Park 2012

My photograph was used in promotional posters of the Central Balkan National Park in 2012

Pirin National Park, 2010

Two of my photographs were used for big posters.

Vitosha Nature Park Posters, 2010.

Posters for the 75-th Anniversary of the Vitosha Nature Park.